Vintage Home

Prato, 2009



Domestic object design: Trasformazione di una residenza attraverso gli oggetti.
A home converted by the personal choice of unusual vintage items.

Prato, Italia




Further details:


In the historical center of Prato, Italy, this 1980s home has been transformed upon the desire of the owner, a psychologist passionate about travel, to create something more personal and open.


Architect Sabrina Bignami reinvented the dull apartment by opening it up to give it an airy and light feeling, creating a series of spaces ideal to contain the souvenirs of the owner's many trips abroad, that are set off by the bright white of the pavements and walls for an almost museum effect. The walls are in fact treated with ‘calce' to make them more luminous, while the floors preserve the original wood flooring that has been thinly coated with epoxy resin, so that the slats create a dynamic and theatrical effect. The ceilings, on the other hand, provide contrast, restored to their original wood colour and stained to render them rich and material.


The décor is the fruit of much research for unique design pieces on the part of the owner and under the direction of the architect who says she always keeps an eye out during her own travels for pieces that will work well in the homes she is working on at the moment.


Between the living room and kitchen, there is a 70s lamp that is an original Harvey Guzzini, purchased at an ex-hotel sale in Germany, next to Emmaus sofas purchased from the sale of an ex-nightclub. In the background is the real protagonist of this space, a white metal shelf that displays objects either out, or in boxes that come from a Belgian wool producer that is one of the home's leitmotifs. On the table designed by the architect Sabrina Bignami, that uses a base by Eero Saarinen, is the fantastic Zettel '76 by Maurer.


The kitchen is meant to be highly functional and has been custom designed by B-Arch studio. It has essential lines that play with cement and brushed stainless steel contrasting with the antique work top in French wood and the 1930s French bistrot lighting, painted black.


For the bedroom, simplicity rules, but it is rendered luxurious with the use of original fabrics. The pillows are a creation of Flanelle, a company that Bignami created with two friends to make, on demand, objects that use vintage textiles. The 1950s armchair was bought on ebay and the niche behind the bed holds 19th century porcelain from Florence.